PHA research results of micro structure workshop published in European magazine

  • 2022-10-31
Recently, Bioplastics Magazine published the article "Next generation PHA", focusing on the research results of biodegradable materials produced by micro structure workshops based on "next generation industrial biotechnology", and discussed how PHA can help solve the problem of global plastic pollution control.
Bioplastics Magazine focuses on renewable resources and biodegradable plastics. It is the largest bioplastics industry publication in the world, and has become the primary information platform for decision-makers, participants in all links of the industry chain, scientists and other people in this field.

Bioplastics Magazine pointed out that PHA (polyhydroxy fatty acid ester) produced by the micro structure workshop using "the next generation industrial biotechnology" has physical and chemical properties similar to synthetic plastics and many excellent properties such as biodegradability, biocompatibility, optical activity, piezoelectricity and gas separation that synthetic plastics do not have Electrical materials and medical materials have broad application prospects.

The bio plastic PHA materials produced by the micro structure workshop are very environmentally friendly, and the production process is also very green - based on the advantages of "next generation industrial biotechnology", the micro structure workshop can make the bio based and natural PHA highly competitive in manufacturing efficiency, and achieve the same level as petroleum based materials (plastics).

Under the international background of "plastic restriction order" and "carbon neutrality", the development of biomass alternative applications for green and low-carbon has become a hot topic.

Biophysics Magazine also mentioned that the micro structure workshop can also produce P34HB5HV with high transparency and elasticity, which is one of the first products in the industry.

This report is an important international appearance of the micro structure factory. Facing the global industry, the synthetic biology technology and products of the micro structure factory have been well exposed. Facing the future, the micro structure workshop will continue to show its core technology globally, provide a wide range of PHA materials and products with excellent performance for upstream and downstream green industries at home and abroad, and help the green world to come at an early date.

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