New Zealand company launches biodegradable bandages that degrade within 4-5 months

  • 2022-09-20
The outdoor goods industry has a history in using merino wool, but that didn't prepare people for the wool bandages on display at this summer's Outdoor Retailer show, according to New Atlas. New Zealand's WoolAid says its natural bandages have therapeutic benefits and are also good for the environment. They are designed to provide a soft, breathable feel against the skin before biodegrading within a few months of being discarded.

WoolAid founder Lucas Smith came up with the idea while working as a mountain guide in New Zealand's South Island. Smith noticed that traditional plastic-based bandages were frequently used, from blisters to open wounds, and realized that the current practice of repairing the skin went against the flamboyant surroundings around him. So he decided to create something greener and better performing. With more than five sheep per person in New Zealand, wool is the place to start.

Taking advantage of the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of Merino wool, which are often praised, WoolAid targets active outdoor adventurers as a primary customer base. Outdoor enthusiasts tend to care about the natural environment they recreate as much as their own comfort and performance, so breathable, sustainable, biodegradable wool is sure to interest them.

Unlike typical petrochemical-based bandages, WoolAid's "ultra-fine" merino fabrics and wound pads are designed to work like a fleece base, absorbing and dispersing moisture. The natural breathability of wool also aids in the healing process, and WoolAid says the superfine merino feels soft on the skin and naturally regulates temperature.

After use, the WoolAid bandage breaks down in as little as four to five months, according to the company. WoolAid bandages are now available at select retailers in New Zealand and the company is working to expand distribution. It plans to launch a $9.99 pack of 15 regular and XL bandages in the US this October, as well as a $5.99 portable emergency pack of five regular and XL bandages.

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