NatureWorks Thailand PLA project is about to start, and the general contractor has been signed

  • 2022-11-12
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (November 9, 2022) - NatureWorks, the world's leading manufacturer of low-carbon polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers from renewable resources, has signed TTCL Public Company Limited (TTCL) as its new Ingeo in Thailand ™ The general contractor of PLA integrated manufacturing plant is responsible for procurement, construction, and startup and commissioning support services. This new production line uses integrated design technology to comprehensively produce lactic acid, lactide and polymer. The new production base is located in Nakhon Shawang Biotechnology Comprehensive Park (NBC), with an annual capacity of 75000 tons, and will produce a full range of Ingeo biopolymer product portfolio.

In June 2022, the project site preparation for the new production facilities in NBC Park has been completed. NatureWorks signed an agreement with China Thailand Engineering and Construction Company (STECON), and began the preliminary work of piling, laying underground pipes, storm drainage management and tank foundation works. According to the construction progress of the preliminary works currently in progress, it is expected that all facilities will be completed as scheduled in the second half of 2024.

"We are pleased to see that the construction of our second Ingeo production base has made continuous progress, which will help us address the growing demand for sustainable materials in the global market." Steve Bray, vice president of production and operation of NatureWorks, said: "This time, TTCL is selected as our general contractor. We look forward to using their professional knowledge and skills to execute this large high-end technology major capital engineering project in Thailand."

NatureWorks plans to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for its new production base in February 2023 to celebrate the start of the construction project.

In 2021, NatureWorks announced for the first time that it was authorized to launch its global capacity expansion plan, starting with its second Ingeo biopolymer production facility in Thailand. In 2002, NatureWorks became the first company to produce PLA polylactic acid biopolymer on a commercial scale. In 2013, NatureWorks expanded its flagship production base in Blair, Nebraska, to an annual capacity of 150000 tons, and announced additional capacity expansion in 2020 to further increase the capacity of Ingeo biopolymers. (The new lactide purification technology can increase the output by 10%, with an annual production capacity of 165000 tons)

The expansion of Ingeo biopolymer's global capacity will support the growth of different markets, including 3D printing and sanitary materials, as well as compostable coffee capsules, tea bags, flexible packaging and food tableware. These applications require not only low-carbon materials for sustainable development, but also unique and high functional attributes provided by Ingeo.

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