Italy's plastic tax has been delayed until 2024

  • 2022-12-02
Italian authorities officially confirmed the suspension of the tax on plastic packaging on November 22, delaying its implementation until 2024. Market speculation is that Italian companies in related industries, including Novamont, Europe's largest PBAT producer, may have exerted influence.

The decision, taken by the Council of Ministers during a review of the 35 billion euro budget, is the fourth delay since Italy's plastic tax was passed in 2020, along with the sugar tax.

Italy's plastic tax is aimed at one-time plastic products, with a planned levy of 450 euros per ton. The tax has already been delayed three times, first in July 2021, then in January 2022, and then in January 2023. Despite the passage of time, the implementation plan has not been announced in the meantime.

Plastic products subject to the levy include, for example, plastic bottles, plastic bags, tetra packs, which are made up wholly or partly of organic polymers of synthetic origin. The tax also applies to semi-finished packaging, but not products designed for long-term use. Even if implemented, the €450 levy would exempt products made from composted plastic and recycled plastic, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. These exemptions have also been confirmed by the Italian customs and revenue agency.

Taxable parties include, manufacturer; A seller; Importer; If the item is brought from another EU country and used for commercial activities; Eu suppliers if goods are imported from other EU countries and sold to private consumers.

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