In 2021, how did SENGTOR expand its brand influence?

  • 2022-01-18

Modern management experts have said that the biggest risk is to move forward in accordance with the original model. The uncertainty is always the environment, and the certainty is your heart. Use certain logic to win the uncertain market.


Therefore, we have always believed that brand tension will become a key element for a company to win the future.

SENGTOR was founded in 1997. In the past 24 years, the company has achieved a gorgeous transition from foreign trade OEM to diversified development of its own brand. In 2010, SENGTOR officially embarked on the road of branding. Its differentiated brands such as “SENGTOR”, “HENWEI”, and “SLOYAR” have been established successively, completing continuous innovation in the long-term market accumulation. The company's product brand upgrade continues to empower.


2021 is the first year of China's "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also a year when SENGTOR's branding strategy is fully deepened. From the deployment of the annual new product strategic layout, to the cross-border test of the epidemic prevention industry and continued adherence to the original intention, to the comprehensive acceleration of the production capacity of the new plant construction, all of which demonstrate the determination to advance the brand.


Advanced exploration of the way of brand upward: renewal and upgrade of new strategic products

At this stage, the differentiation strategy is still the core of product competitiveness in the consumer market. In 2021, SENGTOR carry out an advanced strategic layout, a comprehensive speed-up and high-end strategy, and a renewal and upgrade of all categories of products under its brands, with a comprehensive renewal from new levels such as quality, packaging, and markets.

The "SENGTOR" brand is a green environmental protection brand under the company's commitment to improving the ecological environment, starting from biodegradable bags. In 2021, the brand will continue to strengthen the layout of the biodegradable bag production line, and launch a new section of products based on different consumption scenarios-biodegradable agricultural mulch film, degradable car trash bags, degradable pet waste picking bags and other applications. Garbage bags After degradation, carbon dioxide and water are produced, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It originates from nature and returns to nature.


" HENWEI" is a high-end brand of the company's board game supporting production line. Since the beginning of the brand, the concept of "eternal protection, unlimited fun" has been deeply imprinted in the brand's genes. In 2021, the brand will have a lot of moves.Adjustable compartment size card box, three-layer rotating drawer storage box, waterproof and UV-resistant card brick, aluminum alloy card storage box and other fashionable, cool and interesting super new board game super new products were unveiled. The Henwei brand is committed to becoming the world's most popular tabletop game peripheral brand, so that every user can experience the fun of the game easily and happily.


" SLOYAR" allows the company's brand strategy to be vividly demonstrated. As the company's important brand layout based on expanding the field of consumer goods, in 2021, the" SLOYAR"brand officially established a new line of attack. The brand-new absorbent non-slip floor mat series, fashionable single-product face wash towels, and high-end boutique national style luggage and jewelry bags carry the brand flag and create a new path for the layout of daily consumer goods.

Cross-border testing of the epidemic prevention industry and actively participate in public welfare undertakings.If we say that the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 is the first year of the turning point for SENGTOR to start a cross-border transformation and engage in the epidemic prevention industry. So 2021 is also the precipitation year for SENGTOR to deepen and strengthen its path to epidemic prevention.


The layout of the SENGTOR non-medical protective mask brand has added a heavy weapon to the brand strategy and is an important turning point for the company's cross-border transformation. At the critical moment of the outbreak, SENGTOR took on the responsibility of fighting the epidemic. From the new level of anti-epidemic materials, the new front has increased its horsepower and produced non-medical protective masks to protect people's health.

Opportunities have always been reserved for those who are prepared, and what is even more commendable is to stick to the original intention. In 2021, in the post-epidemic era, the trend of the non-medical mask industry recedes, and many companies have closed their production lines. However, SENGTOR has persisted until now and has shown sufficient resilience to break through the industry cycle and grow stubbornly, successfully responding to the post-epidemic challenge with a resolute and unyielding brand posture.

The "epidemic" road goes along, and the "XIKII" brand department of SENGTOR Company actively participates in public welfare undertakings. On May 23, 2021, SENGTOR Company donated nearly 210,000 masks to the United Front Work Department of Xiangdong District Committee of Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. On June 8, the company donated 160,000 KN95 masks to Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province, to provide strong protection against the epidemic.


Production capacity first accumulates energy and new plant construction continues to write a glorious chapter


As the saying goes, tonnage determines status. As an important factor that has been paid close attention for a long time, the company's production capacity will affect the company's right to speak to a certain extent in the future market competition.


In September 2021, SENGTOR's production capacity-first strategy based on foresight-the new plant construction project was officially put on the agenda. As an important strategic layout of SENGTOR in 2021, it demonstrates the company's determination to continue to ride the wind and waves to achieve the grand development of the enterprise, and inject a solid and strong growth momentum into the brand.


The company expects to invest hundreds of millions of yuan in the construction of bases in the core area of the industrial park to accelerate its expansion in an all-round way and increase production and capacity. The plant has a construction area of 28,000 square meters and is planned to be officially put into operation in one to two years.


Start with the brand, be stronger than the production capacity, and be loyal to the quality. We believe that SENGTOR will create new milestones and the corresponding performance potential will continue to be fully released. Make quality products, strengthen the brand, strengthen user experience, make continuous innovation the norm for the brand, and open up unlimited imagination for the accelerated layout of the company's brand.

In the future, SENGTOR will continue to advance in a continuous and steady way, interpret brand tension from a deeper level, and release the biggest brand voice.

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