How did the sengtor brand achieve new development?

  • 2022-04-02
In 2022, under the background of macroeconomic pressure and scattered outbreaks of the epidemic, the development of many enterprises will face unprecedented challenges. In the midst of the drastic changes of the times, as a senior brand that has been deeply engaged in the field of biodegradable plastic products and game peripheral products at home and abroad for 25 years, it will also enter the stage of brand advancement and acceleration in 2022.

Business layout: mode expansion and capacity optimization in parallel

In 2021, the Sengtor brand will maintain a stable and upward development trend throughout the year. After the foreshadowing of last year, in 2022, on the basis of continuing the original "creative elite" PK tradition, the Sengtor brand team will adopt various business mechanisms such as monthly target claim and reward, elite league competition, and quarterly backbone symposium sharing sessions. form synergy.

Behind the growth of performance, the layout of production capacity is inseparable. In 2022, the construction of the new plant of Sengtor brand in Boluo County, Huizhou City is in full swing. The company has spared no effort in the project of building factories, and the expansion of production capacity layout means that Sengtor brand intends to speed up the ambition of the domestic and foreign market layout. With the gradual implementation of the company's capacity expansion plan, it is expected to be officially put into production in 2023 and new production capacity will be released.

Product Layout: Anchoring Differentiated Value Points and Moving Forward

In recent years, the field of biodegradable plastic products has evolved with the trend, the market capacity has been continuously expanded, and there have been many new lineups that cannot be ignored. As a senior brand in this field, how should the Sengtor brand seek to break through the changes?
In order to let consumers strengthen their awareness of the differentiation of the Sengtor brand, in the past few years, Sengtor has continued to invest in research on the environmental performance of biodegradable materials, anchoring differentiated value points in the large category of biodegradable products, extending Industrial tentacles to enhance brand competitiveness.
The Sengtor brand mainly targets the vehicle market, agricultural mulching film market, garbage classification market, and pet peripheral market in various areas of differentiation. With the help of differentiated expressions, all products of the Sengtor brand have officially launched a powerful all-round offensive. Products such as biodegradable vehicle-mounted garbage bags, biodegradable garbage sorting drawstring bags, biodegradable pet litter bags, and biodegradable agricultural mulch films have emerged as the times require, and they have kept pace with segmenting the biodegradable market.

It is worth mentioning that under the conditions of industrial composting, biodegradable products will generate carbon dioxide and water, which originate from nature, return to nature, and protect the environment.

Soft Power Layout: Innovation Drives Quality Improvement and Efficiency, Stable and Long-term Development

Soft power is the solid driving force for a company's brand management to last for a long time. With the continuous expansion of Sengtor's brand potential, the company is also accelerating its expansion and deployment of its soft power. From the level of qualification strength to innovation strength, Sengtor brand has a clear and accurate understanding of the layout of soft power such as qualification.
In recent years, the company has successively obtained the qualifications of ISO9001 quality management system, high-tech enterprise certification, intellectual property management system certification, measurement management system certification, AAA credit certificate, and Guangdong New Fourth Board Display Enterprise. Now the company holds 47 patents, including 1 invention patent, 24 utility model patents and 22 appearance patents.

We always believe that the soft power accumulated by a brand will become stronger over time.

If it is said that in the past 25 years, the Sengtor brand has been committed to the evolution and upgrading of biodegradable products, then today in 2022, it will continue to bring surprises to the industry with the same enthusiasm. The determination of the Sengtor brand to fight in 2022 is continuing to advance and land, and has given its brand a deeper connotation.

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