HenWei Brand Collection APP was released today

  • 2022-08-02

As a senior board game peripheral game player, when there are more and more cards in the collection, I don't know how to find them? When there are too many card attributes and players can't remember the cards they are looking for, what should they do when it is troublesome to choose? How can players quickly check the cards they own and share them with friends with one click? ...


When you meet the HENWEI Collection APP, all the pain points will be solved.


On August 1, 2022, the launch conference of the HENWEI brand collection APP, which has been brewing for a long time by Sengtor, was officially opened. This is a nodal event for  Sengtor to fully open the transformation of Science and Technology   Sengtor to electronic networked products.


At the conference site, Ms. Ren Xuefen, chairman of Dongguan Sengtor Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Mr. Guo Aidong, general manager, and all the R&D team and office staff representatives of Sengtor gathered together to witness the new product launch of the collection APP.


 Figure 1: Mr. Guo Aidong, general manager of  Sengtor, attended the press conference


In the opening session, Ms. Ren Xuefen, chairman of Sengtor, said that from the proposal of the APP idea in January 2022 to the molding and release of the product, Sengtor has invested heavily. Build the app into an intelligent, full-featured card storage app around board games.


 Figure 2: Ms. Ren Xuefen, Chairman of Sengtor, delivered a speech


She said that this is the first time the company has launched high-tech products in 25 years. This is the latest industry APP both at home and abroad. It will fully meet the needs and preferences of board game players in the Internet age for content, scenarios and services. She hopes that the company's market   Sengtor can lead a new wave of industry trends through high-quality concepts.


Afterwards, Mr. He Yongmao, Vice President of R&D Department, and Mr. Gao Liangfeng, Project Manager, conducted a comprehensive analysis of the project's R&D team style, the R&D process of this APP, product function highlights, and physical card book improvement.


 Figure 3: The Vice President of  Sengtor R&D reports the progress of the project



Based on the unique separator QR code anti-counterfeiting technology, players can quickly identify and save cards based on their attributes, and can search for cards based on game card types and conditions, and customize and select cards to collect or add to the deck. The recorded cards will be saved to the HenWei Collection APP cloud and can be shared at any time, which solves the pain points of players with one click.



"This APP product really solves the problem for players to store cards. They searched for him hundreds of thousands of times, and suddenly looked back at HenWei Cloud." Ms. Cheng, Manager of the Domestic Business Department of Sengtor, expects that this APP can be added in the future. More social group channels and embark on a broader development path.

Figure 4: Cheng Yan, business manager of Sengtor, delivered an internal test speech


Feng Xiaoshan, manager of the HenWei brand department of  Sengtor Company, praised it even more, "This physical card booklet is made of high-end material and soft to the touch, which truly reflects the concept of the company's high-quality products, and the APP is even more brilliant, and the keyword search function can be saved. With a clear memory of the cards, players can quickly find the cards they are thinking of, which is very good. He expects that in the future, the APP can increase the sharing function between players and enhance the fun of the cards.

 Figure 5: Sengtor brand manager Feng Xiaoshan delivered an internal test speech


A good product is inseparable from the production and quality control of the enterprise. Mr. Deng Bo, vice president of production of  Sengtor, said that he understands the needs of products and customers, and strictly implements quality inspection. Every one of our first-line producers is a quality inspector, and he will lead the production department to produce more high-quality products.



Figure 6: Deng Bo, vice president of production, delivered a speech


Manager Yin, the person in charge of the quality department, said that quality is the purpose of product life, and he promised to implement quality management in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards in the future.



HenWei Collection APP is a new growth engine for Sengtor to enter the Internet cloud APP. How will the development of new products be planned in the future? Mr. Guo Aidong, general manager of  Sengtor, gave directions. With the continuous upgrading and empowerment of all staff, the Treasure App will focus on strengthening the three characteristics of socialization, intelligence and quality. He required that the products issued by the company should be based on high-quality products, take efficiency as a consideration, and strictly follow the company's product standards to ensure that the products that go to consumers are good products. He hopes that  Sengtor people can continue to explore new requirements of customers, satisfy consumers, solve consumers' concerns, put consumer needs first, and win consumers' trust.


Figure 7: Group photo of  Sengtor executives and R&D team


Figure 8: Group photo of  Sengtor executives and R&D team


Figure 9: Group photo of Sengtor elite team


Creative Sengtor Yao starts a new journey, HenWei Collection APP, ingenious new products, born with the trend! It marks that Sengtor has finally taken a key step in creating cloud products driven by technology, based on high-quality products, and characterized by electronics, so that every player can experience the fun of the game easily and happily!

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