Good news | warm congratulations, company quality management system certification review

  • 2022-08-30
Recently, our company successfully passed the special review of GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification certificate by Shenzhen United States and Australia Testing and Certification Co., LTD., which marks the company has made great progress in production management standardization and product quality improvement.

On the morning of August 24, 2022, experts from Shenzhen Meiao Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. conducted an on-site audit on the operation of our ISO9001:2015 quality system, and confirmed that Sente Company passed the quality system certification standard. This review is a regular review, a total of one day.

The main leaders and relevant department heads of Sente company attended the first and last meeting of the site audit, and listened to the experts' audit comments; Through full participation in the establishment, operation and maintenance of the whole quality system, strengthen quality management, improve enterprise product quality and service, in order to ensure the efficient operation of each link of the company.

Experts on our first-class product quality, efficient work level and extraordinary service attitude, to our quality management system operation carried out a comprehensive review, and finally successfully passed.

Through this certification, our quality management level has been improved, and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. It has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to realize the global famous brand in the future.

The certification is an opportunity, we will continue to adhere to the "point line, in deed, build first-class execution", "strong learning, with the growth and spread of culture positive energy", "customers first, quality, shape the overall marketing concept of" the enterprise idea, is about to reach, to provide customers and consumers with more high-quality product quality and service!

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