Environmental protection ban plastic, start from me - "ban plastic" propaganda knowledge

  • 2022-11-20
The earth is a blue planet. The ocean accounts for 71% of the earth's area. The ocean is the mother of human beings and the cradle of human life. Harmony between man and nature is the highest pursuit of mankind. Only by living in harmony with nature can we live together.

In life,

Plastic products provide us with that

At the same time convenient

"White pollution" has been given

The environment we live in does

Great pollution and harm

The beauty of nature is constantly being degraded
Our health is also at risk
Environmental protection is imminent!
Ban plastic
Green earth is our common home, environment is the premise and foundation of human survival and development. Today, with the rapid progress of human beings, the overuse of plastic shopping bags and disposable tableware has been called the number one enemy of environmental protection "white pollution", causing serious environmental pollution.

We call on everyone to "ban plastic" from the small things around
We are eager to live in a clean environment, green environment, we need to have a good self-cultivation and quality, the need for everyone's joint efforts, so the initiative:

1. Start from me, don't litter, do a good job of garbage classification;

2. Actively promote the environmental protection knowledge of "plastic ban" and establish environmental protection awareness;

3. Refuse to use disposable non-degradable plastic products, use environmentally friendly bags, cloth bags, shopping baskets and other environmentally friendly products.

4. Actively respond to and support the "plastic ban" work, and do a good job of supervision.

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