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  • 2022-01-18

When online shopping has become the norm of life, the prosperity of e-commerce has promoted the sustained and rapid development of express delivery and logistics. However, with the rapid development of express industry, the problem of express packaging pollution is becoming increasingly prominent.


According to the data of the State Post Office, from November 1 to 11, China's postal and express enterprises handled 4.776 billion express mails, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%. On the "double 11" day alone, the transaction volume of the whole network reached 965.12 billion yuan, and the number of packages on that day was as high as 1.158 billion.


It's happy to keep "buying", but hundreds of millions of non degradable express bags have brought serious environmental pollution, which is also a headache. According to the research of the environmental certification center of the Ministry of ecological and environmental protection, at present, the express industry produces more than 9 million tons of waste every year, including about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste, and the overall recovery rate of express packaging is less than 20%. Because it is difficult to collect and recycle a large number of abandoned express packages, most of them are directly mixed with domestic waste and buried or incinerated.


In order to solve the problem of packaging pollution and speed up the green process of express packaging, relevant departments, e-commerce giants and major packaging materials enterprises have been actively working to explore and practice a series of effective and feasible solutions in recent years.


In October 2021, the State Council issued the "carbon pre peak action plan for 2030", which put forward the implementation of the Internet plus recycling mode to achieve the full harvest of renewable resources.


In November 2021, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued opinions on deepening the battle of pollution prevention and control. It is mentioned that accelerating the formation of a green and low-carbon lifestyle. Accelerate the green transformation of express packaging, strengthen the whole chain prevention and control of plastic pollution, and create a new fashion of green and low-carbon life.


Major e-commerce giants have also helped the development of green express industry. Jingdong "Qingliu plan", Suning "Qingcheng plan" and Shunfeng "Fengjing plan" have been launched one after another.


As the source manufacturer rooted in China's biodegradable bag market, Dongguan Sengtor  plastic products Co., Ltd. also continues to help the industrial development and launched full biodegradable express packaging bags.

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