Biodegradable bags have excellent performance and characteristics

  • 2022-07-21

Biodegradable bags are made of high polymer materials, but many non degradable traditional plastic bags are not made of this kind of material. In the process of production, biodegradable bags must meet environmental protection standards. Biodegradable bags can decompose within a few years, while some environmental protection plastic bags in special periods can even decompose 72 days after being discarded, so it has a very good environmental protection advantage, When using these shopping bags, it can greatly reduce the white pollution caused by the non decomposition of traditional plastic bags. Biodegradable bags generally use starch as raw material for degradation, which is better than other materials, and their life is longer than paper shopping bags.

It is precisely because biodegradable bags have such advantages and characteristics that many families and companies will choose to use these shopping bags when purchasing goods. Its recycling is also very convenient, with soft, wear-resistant, foldable, and good texture. Therefore, in many cases, these shopping bags can be recycled for a long time.

When choosing to use shopping bags, we should consider its performance characteristics and the advantages compared with general shopping bags. Moreover, many families will have this awareness of environmental protection in the process of using them. Biodegradable bags strictly meet the requirements and standards of environmental protection and have very good use performance when they are producing and designing.

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