sive "plastic ban" since November, with a maximum fine of 275000 Australian dollars

  • 2022-10-25
In Australian states and territories, disposable plastic products will be eliminated, and national unified rules will be issued soon.

From November 1, Xinzhou will completely ban the sale of plastic straws, mixers, tableware and cotton swabs, and other jurisdictions will take similar measures at their own pace. Australia's last state implements the "plastic ban"!
The new state ban will also include beads in polystyrene food packaging and personal care products. It is reported that since June this year, Xinzhou has banned the use of lightweight plastic bags. Enterprises selling prohibited goods will face a fine of up to 55000 Australian dollars, and enterprises that continue to deliberately flout the regulations will face a fine of up to 275000 Australian dollars.

At the meeting of environment ministers held this week, it was decided to formulate a set of national unified policies around disposable plastics.

Kunzhou has banned the use of disposable plastic straws and cups, and will expand the ban to cotton swabs next year.

Victoria plans to follow the new state's comprehensive ban in February next year, and other states have promised to take similar actions at different speeds.

National retail organizations call for a unified national policy on the use of plastics.

Paul Zahra, CEO of the Australian Retailers Association, said that it was particularly difficult for small retailers to cope with different systems.
He told the Sydney Morning Herald: "The challenge we are facing is that different products are phased out at different times throughout the country."

Large supermarket chains such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi have removed many disposable plastic products from their shelves.

The Ministry of Environment said that the formulation of national regulations would "be conducive to the environment and make life easier for enterprises, especially those operating nationwide".

Under the new state's ban, those who need plastic straws for medical, scientific or forensic reasons will be exempted and can still buy them online or from pharmacists.

Plastic lined paper plates and bowls will have a two-year grace period to find alternatives.

The new state government estimates that the ban will reduce 2.7 billion pieces of garbage.

One of the main problems with disposable plastic products is that they release so-called micro plastic particles, which are very common and found on the top of Mount Everest, in the snow in Antarctica, especially in fish.

Italian researchers last week warned against the micro plastics found in human breast milk, and warned pregnant women to avoid eating plastic packaged food, drinks, face cream and even toothpaste.

Scientists have found microplastics in the lungs, brains and blood of both living and dead people. They are related to the development of cancer, heart disease, dementia and fertility problems.

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