At the beginning of October 2022, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill (Signed Bill 1046), making California the first state to phase out disposable plastic roll bags in national grocery stores.

  • 2022-10-15
The Act requires that disposable plastic pre checkout bags in grocery stores must be phased out and replaced by recycled paper bags or compostable plastic bags before January 1, 2025. Retailers who violate the ban will be fined.

This bill was proposed by Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman. This kind of bag is called pre checkout bags. It often appears near the fruit and vegetable areas. The straw is called coiled bags in Chinese.

Nick Lapis, director of the California Anti waste Advocacy Center, said that disposable plastic bags pollute compost, fly around landfills, fly out of trucks, and get stuck in the gears of recycling facilities. This plastic film is not recyclable, and the team hopes to eliminate this product.

Nick Lapis said that we are not completely banning plastic bags, but only requiring a more environmentally friendly bag. People still have a watertight bag to pack their fruits and vegetables. Compostable agricultural product bags have been used in some grocery stores, and some chain stores such as Trader Joe's will put them in every store in 2019. There are also many shoppers who have started to use the net bags they brought from home to place fruits and vegetables.

Six years ago, voters passed Proposition 67, which prohibits the use of disposable plastic bags after checkout in grocery stores, which is commonly referred to as shopping bags in Chinese. Now, by early 2025, plastic bags will no longer appear in any grocery store in California.

On California's annual coast cleaning day, the number of plastic bags collected by volunteers from beaches, streams and lakes decreased by 25768 in 2019 compared with 2010, from 65736 to 25736, a decrease of 61%.

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