After half a year of innovation and reform, Sengtor brand continues to boost endogenous power

  • 2022-06-14

At present, corporate competition has risen from the original category-based and quality-based competition to the stage of brand-based competition, and has truly entered a comprehensive competition pattern based on corporate strategy, capacity reserves, brand heritage, marketing talents, and corporate culture.


How an enterprise can stabilize its course by virtue of its value anchor is inseparable from the drastic reform of the enterprise. In 2022, the SENGTOR brand will follow the trend and mention "reform" more than once. In the past six months, the Cent brand has continued to break through the epidemic situation and built a strong brand resilience. All developments are obvious to all.

In the first half of the year, the SENGTOR brand team formed a new management team as the core team, forming a matrix from corporate culture, new product iteration, brand diversification, capacity upgrade reform and other aspects. Therefore, the pace of reform of the SENGTOR brand has far exceeded expectations, and the brand image has been established.


Through the guidance of corporate culture, the leadership team of SENGTOR brand proposed that "words must be done, actions must be fruitful, and create first-class execution", "strengthen learning, grow together, and spread positive cultural energy", "customer first, focus on quality, and shape full-staff marketing" view" three core concepts. Through the implementation of half a year, the SENGTOR brand is focusing on the execution of the last mile with higher operational efficiency and management efficiency, and has won new growth points for the sustainable development of the company.


In the field of brand layout, the company accelerated the diversified layout of categories and continued to promote the coordinated development of multiple brands. Its "HENWEI" brand, as a leading high-end product brand for game peripherals in China, pays more attention to consumer-centric and meticulous cultivation, and still maintains a high growth trend.

The "SENGTOR" brand focuses on all biodegradable bag series products. Although the performance is stable, with the expansion of the market share of environmentally friendly degradation, the sales growth rate of products has accelerated significantly. Under the multi-brand strategy, "HENWEI" and "SENGTOR" have been renewed one after another, and under the leadership of their respective business divisions, new brand endogenous power has emerged.


In the field of capacity upgrade, the new factory of Senster, which has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, is in full swing and is expected to be officially put into use in 2023. We believe that the accumulation of production capacity will bring about the development of the brand.


2022 coincides with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the SENGTOR brand, which means the transformation of an era. This cycle is always inseparable from the continuous empowerment of the brand. Looking back so far, in the first half of the year, the SENGTOR brand has gone through layers of wind and rain and waves. Looking forward to the future, the SENGTOR brand in the second half of the year will always maintain the attitude of moving forward and describe a new value growth vector!

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