A review of the road of exploration of the Sengtor brand in the first half of 2022

  • 2022-06-02
Buffett once said that life is like a snowball, and the most important thing is to find wet snow and long slopes.

As one of the most accumulated biodegradable bag brands among similar enterprises in China, 2022 will be the 25th anniversary of Sengtor brand establishment. In this year of the tiger, which focuses on the four dimensions of innovation, change, integration, and inheritance, the Sengtor brand is about to enter the last month of its sprint in the first half of the year. On the way to sprint, how to find the track that wins the top of the mountain? Let's explore together!

Leading by corporate culture, the only way for corporate growth

After experiencing many challenges in 2022, under the current situation of the epidemic, Sengtor brand firmly chose to stand at the forefront of the wave, and jointly carry the road of enterprise development with the road of change and inheritance. However, the road of building the corporate culture of Sengtor brand and the road of seeking truth and becoming stronger have never changed.

Then, how the Sengtor brand will inject the momentum of sustainable development into this track, and the upward layout of the brand has been unstoppable. "Pay more attention to the construction of corporate culture", as an important strategic direction of the endogenous power accumulation of Sengtor brand, is more conducive to the promotion of efficient execution.

From January to May 2022, the Cent brand successively carried out corporate cultural activities such as the New Year's Rewards Feast for employees, the start-up celebration of the Year of the Tiger, the expansion of outdoor military training, and the "You are the most beautiful today" Women's Day event.

Brand corporate culture and brand marketing models are becoming the only way to achieve high elastic growth.

Strengthen the marketing model and create a new growth pole

Facing 2022, Sengtor brand proposes to continue to focus on deepening the market, while strengthening the domestic and foreign independent brand market, in-depth development of global layout, and strive to enter 200 million camps.

Cent brand wins the market with diversified and differentiated marketing strategy. The layout of the domestic market mainly focuses on strategic single products, creating growth poles with market single products, creating a strong product terminal scene, and paralleling the personalized mass customization model. In the overseas strategy of foreign brands, Alibaba International Station is used as the main battlefield, and mainstream channels such as TIKTOK are increased.

Based on the strong value output of "only making effective fully biodegradable bags" and "the source manufacturer of the ultimate experience in game peripherals", through more colorful cross-industry cooperation and terminal promotion, the Sengtor brand has gradually increased its own brand value. , and the initial results are evident.

Faced with the new situation, how should the Sengtor brand summarize, and how will it gather strength to reach the peak? In the second half of 2022, the Sengtor brand will focus more on researching China's environmental protection biodegradable bags and the experience needs of high-end game supporting products, making brand building and market strategy adjustments in line with the current situation, and is committed to creating a better living environment for users.

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