Sengtor brand layout roadmap in July

  • 2022-07-02

When did you find out that time flies so fast?

Perhaps it was the moment when I saw the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return from the TV news,

It may also be the moment when the words "These new regulations will be implemented from July" keep popping up from the official account.

Now that 2022 is over halfway through, the next month is July. For the Sengtor brand team, which has also entered the 25th anniversary of its establishment, from January to June 2022, the brand has gone through half a year of drastic removal and innovation, and it is also a crucial half year to witness the strong highlight of the brand's corporate culture from Sengtor.


From the annual meeting held on January 14th, to the grand opening ceremony on February 7th, to the outdoor military training and team building activities on February 15th, and the monthly normalization of the creative elite PK summary meeting . These are all written in the "History Book" of the Sengtor brand, which keeps our memory fresh.


The road is long and long, and the road is coming. If it is said that the key word of the Sengtor brand in the first half of the year is "reform", we will make strategic in-depth optimization and adjustment on the basis of adhering to the reform as always in the second half of the year. From July onwards, the Sengtor brand will focus on the four major strategic layout roadmaps, and will continue to look forward to stable and long-term development.

First, the company will accelerate the deepening of corporate culture and create a "cultural Sengtor". The Sengtor brand leadership team with General Manager Guo Aidong as the core will, as always, adhere to the principles of "words must be done, actions must be fruitful, and first-class execution", "strengthen learning, grow together, and spread positive cultural energy", "customer first, focus on quality, The three core concepts of "shaping the marketing concept of all employees", the brand will hold regular training sessions, implement normalized business training and skill training, build a corporate culture engine, and accelerate the highly elastic growth of the current brand of the Sengtor brand.

Second, the company will speed up the construction of "Quality Sengtor". Ms. Ren Xuefen, chairman of Sengtor Brand, has emphasized the importance of quality as king more than once, and the high-level sense of products is inseparable from product details. She messaged all employees to always pay attention to quality details, and unqualified and unqualified products must not flow to market companies. Only through the rapid rise of "quality Sengtor" can the brand have a stronger spillover effect. The core of ensuring quality lies in the strict compliance with process standards.


Thirdly, the company will continue to strengthen the product layout differentiation strategy, create annual strategic items and popular products, and create a "creative Sengtor". In the second half of 2022, the Sengtor brand, which has been brewing for a long time, will launch a big single product "Henwei Collection APP". This APP combines the pain points of the company's game peripheral products. It is our responsibility to create beautiful and interesting high-quality products, and we are committed to making players' collectible toys online and convenient. The company will unswervingly pursue the strategy of breaking through big single products. In this differentiated product market, holographic coverage can be completed across the country, so that brand potential will be transformed into sales performance.


In the end, the company will continue to ride the wind and move forward with new strategies to respond to new situations, adjust business ideas, and build a new "elite Sengtor" by building the above scenarios, so as to achieve stability and long-term progress.

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