a solution that\'s in the bag : environment: san diego-area woman is at tip of a trend with canvas shopping bags that are replacing plastic and paper.

by:Sengtor     2020-04-23
Claudia Armstrong at Solana Beach did not really intend to enter the manufacturing industry.
\"It\'s just a small idea that comes up quietly,\" she said of the canvas shopping bag she had sewn up a few months ago, using paper shopping bags as patterns, and sponge on the green \"Treesavers\" logo with watercolors.
But it was time for her little idea.
Armstrong marketed her canvas bag as a way to get rid of the \"paper or plastic\" environmental dilemma faced by grocery shoppers, selling 20 packs from her nearby grocery store, encineta cassadi, in the first week
\"It makes sense for us,\" said manager Derek casadi . \".
\"If people invest in a bag and use it over and over again, it will save resources and possibly our landfill.
We have a vague impression of what our customers think, but Claudia does make our thoughts concrete.
Armstrong knocked on the door of the grocery store, sent out the samples and continued to think.
Her Treesaver bag is now available at 45 stores in Southern California.
She said she is working with dealers in the Midwest and northern California, and her sales are \"growing every day, and sometimes I get 1,000 bags of orders a day . \".
\"Now, I am almost overwhelmed.
Her success story is not unique.
Canvas tote bag-
For a long time, it has applauded the solid performance of school bags, bicycle bags and logo bags of museums and eco-groups ---
A new role in grocery bags has emerged nationwide.
This is validation for some pioneers.
\"We call canvas the third choice \'(
Paper or plastic)
\"It works well,\" said Charmian Kulka, 61, Sebastapol . \".
As an enthusiastic environmental activist, she is designing a grocery sign bag as a fund
Tomorrow\'s wedding will be held for her environmental protection organization, Sebastapol.
They will open up emerging markets, she believes.
\"I have been shopping in two canvas bags for a long time ---
I put them in the car. -
I thought we could use the money as a fund.
\"Because their prices are so cheap,\" she said . \"
\"There is a lot of new interest here in reuse bags.
\"Consumers are not only looking for alternatives, but supermarket executives are also rethinking how to best get groceries from the checkout counter without destroying trees or blocking landfill sites.
In Berkeley, Kim Marienthal and his sister Penny-
Who saved a tree?
Has sold canvas bags to environmental groups, natural food stores and food companies for nearly 20 yearsops--
It is reported that the mainstream grocery store has been in the past two to three months.
Speaking about his company\'s sacks, Marienthal said: \"We now receive about 15 inquiries a day, which means a lot to us and costs less than $10 . \".
\"Orders come from small towns across the country.
We just started selling in a supermarket chain in Homer, where we booked nearly 1,000 bags. It\'s booming.
This is very exciting for us.
Todd Whitaker, an employee of Vt Colchester\'s \"Seventh Generation: Products for a Healthy Planet\", said: \"The cottage industry is reviving . \".
\"There\'s nothing new about canvas bags.
It\'s just for a new purpose.
People have decided that they are tired of throwing away plastic and paper.
\"As a buyer of a major catalogue featuring environmental products (
Circulation 3 million)
Whitaker has a bird.
Views on consumer ideas and trends.
His company has long featured a popular string shopping bag in Europe, \"These things have become crazy ---
\"All of a sudden, everyone wants them,\" he said . \".
They haven\'t provided a canvas model yet but would like to add one.
\"Just in the last few months, I have about 10 varieties that people have sent me.
\"Most bag samples come from entrepreneurs like Claudia Armstrong.
\"Major manufacturers have not yet introduced environmental products,\" Whitaker said . \".
\"But starting with small chains, many supermarkets are worried.
They provide biodegradable plastic bags and then realize that this is not the real solution.
So this really started with the grass.
\"At the grass-roots level, there are people out there who are changing things,\" he added . \".
\"This is a real wave of people who are driving industrial development.
\"At Solana Beach, Armstrong, 44, doesn\'t want to be a major industry force.
Design an Earth
A friendly bag seems like a natural thing, she said.
For her family.
Husband and son.
\"Environmental awareness has always been a family theme,\" she said . \".
\"I love the earth.
I grew up in Los Angeles and went to Colorado for a year as a ski enthusiast and lived for 18 years because I was in great awe of the environment. . . .
When a friend from Canada made bags for grocery shopping was mentioned in a small chat in last November, Armstrong told himself, \"we should all do that.
\"She went to the bank to work with $1,000 and not only designed a package (
Wholesale $6)
But the whole marketing plan.
The Treesaver bag is equipped with its own display cabinet (hatrack-
Type bracket built by her husband)
A logo and an overview of the environment without boxing.
\"The Paper Bag arrived at the store through a series of tragic events, and it said:\" From the destruction of the original forests of acres and acres, to the end of the increased contamination of the air and water around us by the pulp mill . \".
For Armstrong, there is a problem with meeting the requirements of environmental entrepreneurs: \"I have to make sure that my packaging is recycled material and the business card is recycled paper.
I had to call 10 printers and have my letterhead on recycled paper.
\"But as she moves around, meets regulars and develops new accounts, she gets a lot of support from her clients.
Bonny\'s market, a six.
Health store
Mike Darr, spokesman for San Diego\'s food chain, said it has long been concerned about a reduction in garbage and hopes to \"roll the ball\" on canvas bags \".
\"We are trying to show in different stores to see what we get in response.
\"I like the concept of canvas bags,\" he said, adding, \"You can always argue that paper is better than plastic, but neither is so eco-friendly.
Boney\'s is not a big company and we don\'t have a big advertising budget to promote these products, but it\'s a start.
Claudia is doing her part and we need more people like her.
\"Armstrong also sold her bags to a chain: the Big Bear supermarket, a retail leader in environmental projects, the first chain in the United States to announce grocery bags from plastic to recycled paper.
It has Treesavers in four of the 25 stores in San Diego. \"We saw (
Canvas bag provided)
As a logical step-
Providing a package is a customer service for us, \"said Tom Darren, executive vice president of bear.
\"The simple premise is that she has a concept that encourages people to reuse bags and encourages recycling.
So we\'re just promoting her ideas.
\"What is the customer\'s reaction to canvas bags?
\"It\'s ironic that you should call,\" he said, \"because we just received about 10 inquiries this morning about where they can find them.
As long as she wants to produce, we will buy the goods.
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