a plastic bag lobby exists, and it’s surprisingly tough

by:Sengtor     2020-03-13
Environmental groups have been pushing the law to limit the use of plastic bags for years, saying that plastic bags waste, harm wildlife, and persist as garbage for centuries.
Major cities have joined the effort in the past decade. Washington, D. C.
Dallas and Boulder asked the store to charge for plastic bags;
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago and Seattle have banned the use of disposable plastic bags. [
Surprising reason this month-
The cost of plastic bags is actually effective]
However, this year\'s business has suffered a major setback.
It turns out, plastic bag lobby-
One is there.
Nothing but vulnerability.
Last year, California became the first state to pass a ban on plastic bags in stores across the state.
But the law, which will take effect for supermarkets on July, was put on hold after the United States progressive bags Alliance filed a petition with more than 800,000 names.
Last week, California officials announced that voters must approve the law in a 2016-vote referendum.
\"This is a cynical conspiracy --of-
\"The state interest group is eager to postpone the ban that has been passed by more than 100 communities in California,\" a governor\'s spokesman said . \". Jerry Brown (D)
Tell The Associated Press.
With the support of major plastic manufacturers, the United States progressive bags alliance spent $3 million in purchasing consultants and a petition management company between October and December, when it was collecting signatures.
The group told the San Francisco Chronicle that, like plastic bags distributed by restaurants and shops, it was worth $100 million.
$0. 15 billion-a-
California business for a year
The Chronicle columnist Phil Mattier and Andy Rose noted that the $3 million investment was well worth it.
Bag makers and retailers are on the offensive in Georgia.
Last week, the Georgian Senate passed a comprehensive bill to protect the freedom of plastic bags and disposable foods everywhere. It’s a ban-
The Ban Act, this particular legislation, will limit cities and county governments to make their own local restrictions on the issue.
SB 139 through 32-
On Thursday, it was not just a ban on plastic bags.
It will ban the city from regulating \"auxiliary containers\" including bags, take-out containers and disposable cups \".
They cannot tax these products;
They cannot charge;
They can\'t tell people how to use them.
Only states can pass laws that regulate these goals.
The bill is designed to help businesses.
\"Careful regulation of auxiliary containers is critical to Georgia\'s welfare,\" the bill explains . \".
\"Retail and food businesses are very sensitive to the cost and regulation of auxiliary containers. ”Sen. Tyler Harper (R)
Last week, he told a local news agency that the bill was designed to deal with \"regulatory confusion\" around plastic bags in California \".
He said that it is important that \"our state\'s businesses have some certainty about the regulation of our state.
\"In California, there are separate regulations for plastic bags in many cities, and many grocery owners support a statewide ban.
The chairman of the California Grocery Association told Los Angeles that getting bags banned everywhere would make things easierA. Times.
Just as the coastal city of Taibi Island is preparing to consider a ban on plastic bags, Harper\'s bill is moving forward with George House.
Local residents are concerned about the impact of plastic waste on the environment and tourism.
For the same reason, five years ago, North Carolina put plastic shopping bags in banks outside.
\"Our economy is based on the waterfront community,\" said Bill Gabbert, a member of the tabby Island Committee.
\"We have turtles nesting on the beach.
They easily mix plastic bags with jellyfish.
It\'s very close and private to us.
\"The problem is not just about the environment.
Garbett said that SB 139 has attracted attention in many cities in Georgia because it represents state government intervention in local affairs.
\"The legislature will come in and ban things as stupid as banning packages, which also means they will control a lot of other issues,\" he said . \".
Clark County, including Athens, Georgia.
Although the ban on plastic bags has not been implemented so far.
Commissioner sarin Dixon said that she was not cold or hot about the ban on bags;
She has worked in waste management in the county for many years and does not see this as the right way to reduce plastic waste.
But she\'s also against SB 139.
She doesn\'t like what the state government tells the city about what they can or can\'t do, and the bill is particularly broad.
\"My concern is that if this bill goes on, our chances of doing anything locally will disappear,\" she said . \".
\"This will actually grab some of our other projects in the city center.
The representative of Athens will soon meet with state councillors to discuss the bill, Dickerson said.
\"We\'ll see if we can get them to give up some of this legislation,\" she said . \".
Correction: external banks are in North Carolina, not South Carolina.
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