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by:Sengtor     2020-02-22
Published by The Associated Press: September 30, 2014 16: 17 EDT | update: September 30, 2014 16: 18 EDT, Sacramento, California(AP)—California Gov.
On Tuesday, Jerry Brown signed the nation\'s first ban on singles.
After more than 100 cities and counties in California, plastic shopping bags are used.
The struggle between the Greeners and manufacturers has not yet ended, as plastic bag manufacturers have vowed against the ballot box.
With regard to landmark legislation, here are some key things to understand: What is the law doing?
SB270 target plastic bag provided at the time of inspection-
Counters for grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and liquor stores.
It does not apply to non
Food retailers such as clothing and electronics stores also do not apply to plastic bags provided by grocery stores for agricultural products and meat.
It will take effect in large stores in July 2015 and will be extended to small businesses in 2016.
What\'s the problem with plastic bags?
Environmental groups and local governments say plastic bags have been a source of annoyance.
Because they are not easy to break down, they end up littering in parks, rivers, beaches and oceans.
Plastic debris will pile up in the ocean and eventually fall into the belly of fish and other marine creatures.
According to the analysis of the statement, the city and county estimated that they spent millions of dollars cleaning up the garbage.
How about recycling plastic bags?
Some opponents of the legislation favor encouraging the recycling of plastic bags rather than banning them.
California set up such a project in 2006, but the Associated Press found that the state did not track how many bags were recycled.
In its last review of the data in 2009, the state found that the recovery rate was only 3%, and officials suspect that this rate has increased significantly since then.
What about paper?
The legislation allows stores to charge consumers at least 10 cents per bag, which many businesses now offer free of charge.
Those against the legislation attacked the provision as cash.
Grocery stores that support the ban on plastic bags.
Sen, author of the bill
Alex Padila says the existing ban shows that consumers adapt quickly and that paper bag fees will not be very profitable for grocery stores.
The SB270 also limits how grocers spend their income and requires stores to provide free luggage to people receiving public assistance.
What happens next?
The Union of plastic bag manufacturers, the United States progressive bags Alliance, said it would seek voters to vote to overturn the law.
The group has three months to collect more than 500,000 valid signatures, the figure required to vote for a referendum on November 2016.
The organization says it will try to ensure that the law does not come into force until voters have a say.
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