9 ways to use one less plastic bag

by:Sengtor     2020-04-28
Buy a lemon or a bottle of aspirin?
Do you really need a bag for it?
Reuse the produce bag of lettuce you bought at the store last week to accommodate this week\'s sesame dish.
The bag your bread comes in is the perfect size to carry the sandwich at work.
Wrap food in paper instead of plastic bags.
Some stores offer rewards for shoppers with their own luggage
A refund coin or a chance to win a store gift card worth $25.
Develop the habit of remembering your bags, hang them on the door handle as soon as they are emptied, and store them in your wallet or car.
Reusable bags are not only good for groceries.
You can also use canvas or other toys in clothes and holiday shopping.
When there is room for the Target bag, why take a plastic bag from Macy\'s?
You don\'t need to buy a fresh bag from every store.
When you pick up your dog, use what goes to the landfill anyway.
Instead of buying kitchen garbage bags, reuse the bags you already have.
Remember to recycle things you can\'t use.
Even from dry packaging
You can put the washed clothes in the plastic recycling box of the grocery store.
For sale at natural prices
Food stores, bio-bags work like plastic bags, but they are not made of oil and are biodegradable.
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