3 million plastic bags in osaka bay cloud japan\'s anti-waste push

by:Sengtor     2020-02-18
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed the global scourge of plastic waste at sea at a Group of 20 summit in Osaka this week, and his own country\'s evidence of reluctance to solve the problem will be out of the window.
According to a study released earlier this month by local university researchers, Osaka Bay contains up to 3 million plastic shopping bags.
Carpet of mud
The plastic lining covered by the sea floor illustrates the ecological cost of Japan\'s obsession with packaging, helping to make the country the second largest in the world
Per capita disposable plastic consumption second only to AmericanS.
According to the United Nations.
Abe vowed to push forward efforts to solve the marine problem
G-plastic pollution
20. The country lags behind other developed countries in reducing the use of this material.
Some of them stem from Japan\'s own dependence on plastic to meet the cultural expectations of cleanliness and attention to detail.
A dredging study led by Sadao Harada, associate professor of public economics at Osaka University of Commerce, concluded that 1,450-square-kilometer (560-square-mile)
It is estimated that 3 million plastic shopping bags are contained in the water body. -
There are 6 million other pieces of plastic.
Most of the bags may not be discarded intentionally, Mr. Harada said.
Plastic is hard on the Earth.
Is the replacement better?
: QuickTakOsaka Bay, which offers several southern Japanese ports to enter the Western Pacific and sit outside the Osaka International Convention Center, the main G-
20 events will be held.
Abe said at a cabinet meeting last month that he would ensure that the issue of marine plastics is a key part of the summit\'s agenda.
\"Global efforts are crucial to solving the problem,\" Abe said in Tokyo . \"
\"A shared global vision requires each country to take concrete steps to address this issue.
Japanese consumers use about 30 billion plastic shopping bags a year, Mr. Yoshida said.
Although details have not yet been decided, Japan plans to impose mandatory charges on plastic bags next year.
By contrast, the European Parliament voted to ban singles
Canada also plans to use plastic, and less affluent countries like Rwanda also ban plastic shopping bags.
A poll conducted by Daily News on June 15
16 found that 70% of respondents favored charging for plastic shopping bags, and 73% said they would not use plastic bags if they had to pay.
The United Nations has warned that plastic pollution causes at least $13 billion in damage to marine ecosystems every year.
Plastic can clog water sources, aggravate natural disasters, destroy natural habitats and enter the food chain.
The problem with Osaka Bay is that although Japan is not considered one of the most serious criminals in terms of marine plastic pollution.
Some governments and enterprises have demonstrated a more sustainable approach in the future-
20, with Seven & I Holdings Limited
Said it is sold every year in more than 7-20 million rice balls
11 convenience stores will now have factoriesBased on packaging.
A town near Toshima prefecture has launched a pilot project to prove that Japanese communities can reduce waste to zero next year.
\"As consumers, we need to stick to the change of producers and pressure the government to support the change of producers,\" Akira Sakano said . \" The chairman of the board of directors of Japan\'s zero waste Institute said there was no need to use plastic bags.
\"You can replace them with your own bag.
If we only talk about plastic bags, there are many other simple options.
There is no reason not to ban them. ”—
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