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Eleanor Harding published The Daily Mail in the Daily Mail, at 18: 54 on March 25, 2012, update: at 18: 54 on March 25, 2012, Brussels is considering banning free plastic bags throughout Europe.
Suggestions for shoppers to pay for singles
The use of shopping bags will be reviewed next month and may become law within two years.
This measure is a key recommendation in the Green Paper on plastic packaging to be published by the European Commission.
Previously, some European countries, including Ireland and Italy, voluntarily imposed taxes on carrying luggage.
The number of plastic bags distributed in British supermarkets has increased, although customers are encouraged to reduce the number of plastic bags.
Last year, six large retailers in the UK launched.
4 billion back bags, up 0. 333 billion year on year.
According to some estimates, this figure could reach 10 billion in the UK, equivalent to 300 people per household.
David Cameron said recent growth was unacceptable and warned retailers that the government might intervene to reduce the number.
Activists point out that it will take between 100 and 1,000 years for the bags to break down, and many will eventually damage plants and birds on national waterways.
Previously, the Daily Mail carried out many years of publicity activities, emphasizing the harm of plastic bags to our environment.
The campaign to expel plastic bags launched in February 2008 called on companies and politicians to help reduce the number of plastic bags entering our countryside and waterways.
Janez Potocnik, European environmental commissioner, said: \"50 years ago,
The use of plastic bags is almost unheard of-now we use plastic bags for a few minutes, and plastic bags have polluted our environment for decades.
But social attitudes are constantly changing and people are generally eager to change.
According to Brussels, EU citizens use an average of about 500 plastic bags a year, most of which are used at one time.
Total European output in 2008 was 3.
4 million tons were recovered, but only.
Although they are widely used, research shows that most Europeans want to see restrictions on shopping bags, and 2 out of 3 people surveyed by the Commission say they favor a complete ban.
Last year, Italy became the first ban in Europe.
Biodegradable single
Use plastic bags.
Somalia, Rwanda and Tanzania do the same on a global scale.
In 2008, Marks & Spencer was the first big commercial street chain in the UK to have customers pay for shopping bags.
The cost of 5 p resulted in a drop of 80 in bag usage in the first few months.
The Republic of Ireland imposed a 12 p tax on each bag in 2002, which resulted in a 95 reduction in plastic bag waste.
On last October, Wales charged 5 p.
Shops that continue to offer free shopping bags will face a fine of up to £ 5,000.
But some retailers, including Sainsbury and Boots, refused to charge for bags, saying free plastic bags were \"critical\" to customers \".
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